Antonio Coratelli

Freelance Software Engineer

Hello there!

I'm Antonio Coratelli, a freelance consultant with 8 years of experience in Software Engineering and Robotics R&D.

Currently based in Italy, I work as a remote-first contractor, helping companies and teams all over Europe build and scale their products.

My areas of expertise include:

  • Embedded C++ development on Linux,
  • Middleware design and development for distributed architectures,
  • Navigation and control algorithms for autonomous mobile robots (ground and aerial).

Want to get in touch?

Send me a message on LinkedIn! I speak Italian, French, and English, feel free to write me in any of those languages.

You can also find me on GitHub, although I have very few personal public projects online: when I have some free time, I prefer to spend it recharging my batteries in nature, hiking or cycling.

Thank you for visiting my website!